About LF

We’re a global technology leader focused on metal work solutions that connects the world’s technologies. We’re shaping the future with continuous innovation to transform human experience. Powered by the research and development capability of LF, we serve smartphone, smart watch, smart home appliance and automotive industries, with the industry’s most comprehensive and advanced metal work solutions.


To be the industrial solution of choice in our global technologies market.

Connecting you with our network of expertise


Whatever your ideas or imagination, we can connect you with the right expertise to help you turn them into reality. We’ve about 25,000 talents specializing in different disciplines.

To pursue excellence and willingness in research and innovation.


- Drive innovation & performance

- Respect people & community

- Act with integrity

- Cares for the environment




At LF, we believe that operating responsibly is key to our long-term sustainability. It is our core strategy and value that we deliver to our customers, employees and all other stakeholders. We encourage practical innovation, as well as investment in technologies and operations that help reduce environmental impact and strive towards the highest standard of operational safety and efficiency. We regularly review our sources of minerals, and abandon the use of conflict minerals. For details: click here

Our journey begins with you. We turn your wildest, boundary-pushing and world-beating idea into reality. We’ve been pioneering metal work solutions for nearly three decades. The history of LF mirrors the era of the technology revolution in the global market. We’ve highlighted some of our achievements over the decades below.


Our Journey









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